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May 2010

Counting down the days!

Back in good ol' Hubert, NC

Lets actually see how long I can keep this blog going..

I want to thank Sarah Crandall (who is currently in London and has been all semester) for introducing me to this website. Yes dear, I have creeped your site once in a while and was pumped at how baller this blogger is, so thanks, again.

But hello everyone, from my temporary room.. at home, but anxiously awaiting to tune you in from Prague, Czech Republic! The countdown is at 17 days. Simply unbelievable.

I really have no specific reason for wanting to go to Prague. Its different from where everyone else wants to go and I like that. That seems like a legitimate reason.. right? I've always had a passion for new places and things, hence why I can't seem to plant my feet anywhere and be totally content with it. This summer is just what I need.

Like I said, 17 days. I leave May 24th at 6pm out of Raleigh, crossing the big pond to Heathrow Airport in London for a very short layover (thank goodness) and finally arrive in Prague around 2pm May 25th. I'm going to be feeling ROUGH! Thankfully I don't mind flying a bit.

While there, I'll be taking three classes at Anglo-American University. Two for my minor and one for my major.. very much a convenience on my part. I put in requests, but I don't know exactly what they'll be until I get there. Eight weeks.. two months.. time to test how long I can be away from home. I'll have to round up my big girl undies around here somewhere. This could be a doosy. But I can't express how syked I am to go. Now that school is over, I can finally BE excited and it not distract me. I have all the time in the world to be with my family and friends before I leave, so on the flip side, these next 17 days are going to rock, too.

So until next time, I'll try to make my life interesting enough to read about. It will most likely consist of frequent visits to the beach, frantic shopping and quality time with my peeps. Good times ahead ya'll, keep it classy.

mír a láska,

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