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April 2011

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March Madness.. Literally.

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A Runners World quote: "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." - John Bingham

Let me just start by stressing how incredibly blessed I am in life. I have wonderful friends, family in all parts of the world, and good health to keep me sane throughout the crazy episodes of life. In the overall scheme of things, life is sweet. So sweet.

Obviously, its been quite a while since my last post, but if you had a 25 and 45 page paper to focus on, your priorities might be a bit scrambled too! The reason I felt the need to dedicate the opening line of this entry to those amazing people is because.. they help me keep my drive; I am beyond thankful for that. I can be a tough cookie to deal with!

I'd like to share some of my life lessons, learning experiences and those deep, deep insightful thoughts you all love to hear!


First and foremost, my initial travel of 2011 got me fired up.. RILED up.. for AMERICA! Yes, my trip to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. I've become one of those conservative extremist radicals that liberals hate (: It should come to no surprise that me and my fellow UNCW College Republicans brought our A-game and had an absolute blast causing shenanigans in D.C. But all joking aside people, politics are important and effect our daily lives, whether we want to admit our future fate is in the hands of those crazy politicians or not. All voices are heard; I heard hundreds of them that weekend, ranting and raving about how to keep the beauty and foundations of our country alive. I got the honor of seeing some very inspiring people speak that weekend.. Newt Gingrich, Ilario Pantano, Alan West, Ron Paul, Herman Cain and all sorts of other amazing speakers. @FletchKlavik and I were fortunate enough to take a tour of the White House, which was a beyond phenomenal experience. Just to look into the Oval Office was such an honor, we were both speechless a majority of the time. In order to keep my eyes on the prize, especially with the upcoming 2012 elections, I'll especially make it a point to include my stance on domestic and international issues that might matter to you all.. maybe then I'll get more followers, both for and against are welcome (:

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"We are fed up, we are ready to take our country back!" -TX Governor Rick Perry @CPAC11
"The American Dream is under attack.. the good news is that we are fighting back. Patriots don't get tired, Patriots get energized!" -Herman Cain
"We are standing on the verge of a dawn of a new America." -FL Rep. Allen West [CPAC11 Keynote Speaker]

Running is a form of therapy, a time to sweat, breathe, and disconnect from the distractions of life.

Well, maybe minus the sweating and breathing part, I'd have to substitute the running for friends. My best friends, at that.. in MYRTLE BEACH! Amazing fun. Plain and simple. Escaping through the company of friends is the best vacation a girl could ask for.. now throw a throw down at the beach in the mix and you've got pure perfection!


Mardi Gras. Me, oh my, Lordybe. What an.. adventure Mardi Gras can be. First-timer right here, just a Carolina girl wandering the streets of the birthplace of shenanigans, Mobile, Alabama. First of all, my family is insanely brilliant for getting all of us together, with or without Mardi Gras. People that have all their relatives nearby are incredibly lucky.. some I only get to visit twice a year ): So this was certainly a wonderful surprise. Now.. Mardi Gras.. never have I ever seen so many drag queens gathered in one general vicinity in all my life. The spirit, the music, the BEADS. The whole nine yards was everything I dreamed it would be! It is certainly a shindig everyone should witness before they die.

Take me to my City by the Bay.


HELLO SPRING BREAK. Where else to go but.. the West Coast?! Certainly took a new direction with this next adventure. If you back up a few posts, you'll recall my friend Madison that I met in Prague. She lives in Sacramento, so me and Ms. Abby Dunkin took a little hop, skip and a jump over yonder to explore the central California dreamland. I wish I could post every single picture we took on this trip. Basically, California is more than the stereotype and trust me, I still stand truly by the east side, but Lord have mercy, there are some breathtaking sights to be seen driving through the foothills of the Golden State. If you take a gander at my travel map, you'll see we hit quite a few major sightseeing joints, like Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and even rinky-dink towns like Columbia that still have "horse-drawn carriages only" streets! I got to meet some fantastic new friends, as well as see an old one, Mr. Ryan Mileur, another fellow Prague-er!



Without a doubt, one of the best views I have ever witnessed is from the Golden Gate Bridge. Its phenomenal.. especially with BB Pandora playing in the background! Looking to the east, you see the entire city of San Francisco.. bold and beautiful as it is. Skyscrapers and hills flowing like the waves that brush against the bay side. Alcatraz was another amazing adventure. We took the ferry and went through the guided tour of the island. The tour had first-hand testimonies from some of the prisoners and jailers.. and the stories of escape attempts.. UNREAL.

But nothing beats Yosemite. This is a place that makes your heart race and stop at the same time. The hidden waterfalls between the monstrous mountains is enough to put the biggest smile on your face. Now I am the farther thing from a greenery praiser, but I've never been so appreciative of nature until I saw the beauty of Yosemite. We had a lovely little picnic on a log with a whole loaf of bread, some apples and a bag of Cheddar chips. Nom nom nom! I now understand why Yosemite is in the book of "1,000 Places to See Before You Die"..


So I believe this 'bout sums up my most unique travels of the semester. The semester is winding down.. I bet ya'll are glad I didn't get into the nitty gritty details of my school shenanigans. Trust me, you're not missing out on much. BUT. If you actually do follow this blog, I think I'm going to start another one.. since this is a traveler's blogger site, I might have to shimmy over to another. I want to write about subjects that will enrich people.. things that people want to be entertained by and actually follow regularly. If you have any ideas, please share!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope to keep the traveling up!

Amore Endlessly,


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