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Broke out the Mizunos today!

semi-overcast 57 °F

I finally broke out the good ol worn running shoes and took a jog down the Vltava River. I went the direction away from the Charles Bridge to dodge the tourist traffic and I'm so glad I did. The sidewalk was endless and there were several places to escape down to a cobblestone sidewalk RIGHT NEXT to the river. Needless to say, I was on it. If it wasn't so cold at night, I would run then. I bet the view is a beaut.

With that being said, is it JUNE or JANUARY?! It was so cold today!! I can't even remember the last time I was in jeans, socks, a long sleeve AND my fleece and STILL shivering!

Anyways, my new roommate, Courtney (ironic, eh?) got into town yesterday morning. I took her on the tram to see the school and surrounding area. We walked across the Charles Bridge which was a mad house (imagine that!) then of course, it started to rain a bit. The day is not complete without a little sprinkle here and there in Prague. At three, Radka (Reminder: student coordinator of CEA) came to walk us over to the Cafe Louvre on Narodni Divadlo, which was baller. We met Will there (the Academic Dean of CEA... an AMERICAN from Carolina! Woo hoo!). Radka said they have the best chocolate cake in all of Prague. Well, given that its the ONLY cake I've had in Prague, I'd have to agree! It was pretty fantastic! I also had my first cup of Cappuccino, which was also very yummy. It was nice for the 4 of us to just kinda relax on a big red couch and chit chat for a while. Evidently those kinds of cafes are everywhere, so I'm going to have to venture out and try new ones to find my favorite, hunker down and it be my little alone time place.

By the time we got got back to the apartment, it was almost dinner time. So we hit up Google and tried to venture out and find some authentic Czech cuisine restaurants! We eventually found the Hybernia near Namnesty Republicky. It was a cute, quaint place. Some of the tables had beer taps on them, which was pretty awesome. Courtney eventually decided on the roasted duck and bacon dumplings (YAY to the duck, double nay to the dumplings) and I got the pork ribs with a special Czech sauce and garlic baguette (HECK YES TO BOTH!) each with a side of Pilsner Urquell, never fails. Overall, it was a pretty successful Czech dinner, I'd say!


Once we ventured back out in search of a pub (and by later, a bathroom) we got a little lost in a creepy part of town. So we just shimmied into the first legit pub we saw and it was the coolest little place! There was a table full of Americans sitting behind us and the staff was really nice. We gave the Staropramen beer a try. Yet another success. After a sitting at the table for a while, a very intoxicated 35 year old Czech fellow comes up to our table. He asks repeatedly if we need another beer and of course we wouldn't say no to a freebie! So after we get them, he sips on his and feels the need to tell us how beautiful we are and how much he loves us. Flattering..? Maybe..? Eh, no, not so much, haha. He is so persistent at this point (Don't worry, LeAnne, I had Chris on the speed dial in case anything happened!) So eventually, I nod over a waitress to get this guy out of here. So he leaves.. the first time.. then comes back in. Makes his way to the bathroom and is in there quite some time. Gross, I know. Come on dude.. you're a grown man, and its a Sunday night for heavens sake! When he finally makes it out, of course, he heads back over our way. His friend is pretty much having to drag him out of the pub, and by this point, we are just cracking up. He leaves the place then comes up to the window where we are sitting, bangs on the window and blows us kisses.. several times this entire scenario happens! Haha. Ridiculous. During the course of all this, the staff is feeling a little bad about us having to go through that rather interesting experience. So two yodka and fig shots (Vodka tasted like fig, fig like vodka, UGH!) and some melon drink on the house. Sweet! So not a bad night after all! Haha. Metro home, good night sleep.


Woke up early for class. Woo hoo. Got me an overpriced, ridiculously small coffee from a nearby bagel house before heading in. We read about Milan Kundera, a well-known writer in CZ who was involved in a scandal in the 50s. Seemed like a rather pointless exercise, but whatever. Then we had a speaker from the Globalpost.com, who was a total douche. He is from Jersey (strike one), bagged on Republicans (strike two) and make fun of the Southern drawl (STRIKE 3, 4, 5678...) You get it. Wasn't a fan of this guy. I was very relieved to find out our assignment wasn't to write about this guy, because after about the first 30 seconds, my mind wandered far, far away from his nonsense.

So after class, as I already mentioned, I went on my lovely run. Then did my homework like a good girl, showered, then headed out to dinner with Courtney to a restaurant right on our street. Had some Hawaiian pizza haha. Way to branch out from the tree, right? Then accidentally ordered sparkling water instead of still. GROSSSSSSSS!!! Never, EVER again. Then more fun times grocery shopping, because thats always an adventure in itself, haha.

OH! And I finally got to see Miss Amanda Ryals's faceeee! :) Gotta love skype.

Radka sent us several emails with athletic and pub/club information, so the next couple days might just be experimental. We have a "CEA event" to go see Sex and the City 2 on Thursday FO FREE! Woo hoo! Good times ahead.

Well I didn't have as much exciting stuff to update on now that schoolwork and all that jazz is taking up most of my day =/ But I will keep things as interesting as possible for you folks! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my novels.. I love the feedback! Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer so far.. enjoy the sunshine, and PLEASE STOP HOGGING IT ALL!.. send some my way. Thanks!


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Can you buy mace there?? Can I mail you some? Tell them old men to leave you alone...they don't want this crazy woman coming after them. LOL

by LeAnne Alford

ah, it was so amazinggg to talk to you. this needs to be atleast a weekly occurrence.. or i don't think i am going to make it 7 more weeks! love you BEST friend!!!!!

by Amanda Ryals

We had a great time at the camp ground this wknd. Everyone was there except you. Scott will close on his place fri. I'm not surprised about the weather you are having why do you think a lot of those people are so cranky. Maadison has found her a boyfriend at the camp ground, maybe that will keep her mind off the swansboro crowd. Lots of kids of all ages were down there. I don't know if you heard or care; but boro girls won the state soccer champ and southwest won the 1A crown. It sounds like you are having lots of fun and I am happy for you. One wk is already gone and you have already almost as smart as me. We miss you a lot and love you. Keep in touch. PS Mema wants to know if you are really drinking beer. What should I tell her? I know I'll let Steven answer that one. Love ya Bye

by PaPa

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