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Skinny legs and a beer gut

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I would like to start by mentioning my great appreciation for mother nature not raining on Prague today. It was lovely!


Last night had to have been the most risky and adventurous thing I have ever done. LeAnne might kill me after I admit this, but I went to a hoppin' area towards Old Town by myself. I just couldn't stand to be in this apartment anymore! So I got dolled up and put a hearty 200 Kc in my purse and hopped on the metro to Můstek. I had one pub in mind so I headed in there. It was ok, had a drink at the non-existent bar, which turned me off, me being a loner and all. Lots of Americans in there though, which also turned me off. So I asked the bouncer where "singles" would go, not trying to make it sound like single, like, ALONE. Well he told me some place in English, a place I eventually never found anyways. I saw these two fellas, Jan and Michal sitting on a bench outside of a pub. Looked about my age or whatever, so I asked them if they knew where this mysterious place was I was looking for. Never heard of it of course, because I suck and know no Czech. Nonetheless, one of them spoke good English and the other hardly any. They knew the owner of the pub they were outside of so they asked if I wanted to join them for a drink. Naturally, free beer, duh I agreed. Watched the girl fill it from the tap, so I wouldn't get roofied haha. Success there, obviously! So we hung out for a bit before Michal decided he must have KFC. Oddly, it was midnight and of course KFC is still open. Weird. After they twisted my arm a bit about going to a club they thought I'd like, once again, friends of theirs so free drinks, I openly complied. Most of the clubs here are underground, so pretty much you can be as loud as you want. I loved hearing Lady Gaga and Jason DeRulo blowing through the speakers. Flashback to home. I boogied away, needless to say. Czech people dance very different and listen to very different clubbing music. I found this out at the last club we ended up at. LOTS of techno. Everyone cheers really loud for the song playing, and I'm thinking to myself.. "it sounds like the song before this.. and before that.. and before that.." Of course by this time I have to use the bathroom really bad, which was flooded. So like most people around here, after these two Czech girls realized I was American, which doesn't take long, they helped me maneuver towards the toilet. Such nice folks! We ended up walking back to our homes, which seemed to be so freakin long. I feared this drinking would put quite the gut on me in two months.. but note the walking EVERYWHERE, theres no way thats possible.. well, at least for my stubs. Anyway, it was a really great time, I'm glad I got ballsy for once, because luckily, everything turned out ok. And I'm facebook friends with the guys now, so its official! Haha. I'm very thankful to know some Czechs now, it may come in handy.


I slept in a little this morning. I know Tina (my gbig) told me never to do that, but I definitely needed it. Still got a lot accomplished today! Had an early morning skype date with Patrick (well, early for him lol) then hopped on the metro! The main thing I wanted to do today was see Charles University, which is the oldest university in central Europe. During the course of my adventure, I saw a lot more interesting things other than the school. Like a SEX MACHINE museum and a museum of TORTURE. What the heck, right? Haha. There are also hundreds of Bohemian Art and Glass stores.. I wasn't aware of how precious they are. I'll have to find out more about that. I eventually wandered into Old Town Square where tourists were FLOODING the place. Took more pictures of the Astronomical Clock and the Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem, or Church of our Lady before Tyn, the Gothic church that hovers over the square, dating back from the 14th century. Absolutely stunning. I'm not quite sure yet what the show in the square was, but there was a reenactment of authentic Czech dancing and music. It was really neat!


Best part of the day right here.. finally went to the Prague Castle. Literally took my breath away. The Royal Gardens were nice too, haven't seen that much grass in a while since I live smack dab in the middle of the city lol. But I've never seen anything as majestic and magnificent as the castle. I can't wait for my mema to get here so she can see all these things too. I've got a long to-do list for us once she gets here!


By this time, my feet are KILLING ME. But.. a girls gotta eat. Thats been quite the challenge being here.. grocery shopping. Basically, if theres no picture on the carton, I'm SOL. None of the workers knew English. I had to ask someone if I had butter or not. How sad, huh? lol. I have already started a list of food I must have immediately when I get back to the states. To top off my grocery experience, I had to pay 1 Kc for a bag.. wahh?! Woman, I have to WALK home, no crap I want a bag! I've also started a list of why I love the U.S.

Happy news though! One of my roommates comes tomorrow afternoon! Woo hoo! Then cake and coffee at Cafe Louvre with Radka and the other fabulous CEA folks. Should be a good time! But I need to get to cleaning the apartment for the newbie.. til next time!

Dobrý den,

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You are right. I am going to kill you. LOL!! Just be careful sweetie! I'm so glad you are having fun!

by LeAnne Alford

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