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Hopefully my computer doesn't explode on me

..but at least I'm in Praha!

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Hola ladies and gents!

The title of this blog merely demonstrates sarcasm towards my stupid converter that feels like making weird noises which sykes me out about my computer being shot. Lets hope that doesn't happen.

Anyways, I've finally made it! Throughout my journey the last 24 hours, I kept a written memento of things I wanted to share with ya'll in my blog. So we'll start from the get-go.

Mema, Papow, Madison and Patrick all took me to RDU in the pouring down rain yesterday. What an exciting, and at the same time depressing, time. But my plane left on time, the food wasn't SO terribly awful and I slept about half the flight, even though I know I could have done better! We finally get to London, where I feel like I have to go through security four more times before they finally let us to the terminal. Sadly there was no wireless, so there will be a small fee tacked on to my cell phone bill. Haha, I was just thinking of ya'll! Anyways, let me just say, that there is no one like the Brits. I mean, I've never met a kind of person so particular and brute and blunt. It cracks me up! Their mannerism doesn't respond with a simple "oh, you're welcome!".. its more of a "its fine, its ok, move on". On the back of British Airway's seats, and I don't know if they're on any American flights, but they have coat hooks! How classy! Haha. Also, big surprise.. they have airplane bottles of wine! Call me sheltered, but I have never seen those before! Actually they're more of a two airplane bottles in one, but still! Cracked me up a bit. And I'm pretty sure I was the only one that asked for a soda on the plane. For everyone else it was orange juice, wine or tea. They also served a chicken salad sandwich for a "snack" and it had an instant sized thing of milk packaged with it. Strange. Ok, sorry, that was my rant on that. Slight culture shock for me, I guess.

Well, then I made it to Prague. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful. Sunny with a little bit of a breeze. The housing coordinator for the CEA, George, picked me up from the airport. We drove through the heart of Prague, past the castle, the Charles Bridge, the embassies.. til we finally made it to my.. uh, humble abode, I guess. Here we met Radka, our student service coordinator, who sat down with me and we went over everything I need to know pretty much. Lots of papers and booklets and my school email address and ID card, which is baller. Thanks to that card, I'll get free tram, metro and bus rides! Whoop whoop! Well, with the roommates, I'm by myself until Sunday, when only one of the 3 are coming. The other two won't be here until the 2nd week of June because they're only doing the 6 week program. But my apartment is cute, very tiny. No tv, not that its really necessary.. well, as long as my converter holds up. I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow though. Although gorgeous, Prague is a madhouse. Drivers here are merciless and crazy.. I would NEVER want to drive here.

Dinner tonight was totally baller. My new dear friend Chris, his friend Stephanie, his sister and her bf, and 4 of the marines went to a restaurant called Ambiente. Its a Brazilian BBQ place so waiters basically walk around with huge sticks full of meat. They'll come up to your table and cut a sliver of it onto your plate until you signal to stop. There had to have been about 20 different kinds of meat from beef, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, lamb.. even pineapple at the end!.. all this alongside a buffet of sushi, fries, plantains and bread. Just awesome. It was a great time with great company! Afterwards Chris showed me the ropes of the metro and tram systems, which I will most definitely have to learn the ropes of.

Tomorrow I'm off to my orientation of the campus and a legit city tour, so hopefully tomorrow I'll have a ton of pictures to post. I'm not really sure if I start lectures tomorrow or Thursday, but I plan on tomorrow being my big tourist day!

Thats all for now.. I am in desperate need of a shower and a bed to sleep in. First full day tomorrow!

For those of ya'll that wanted to know.. this is my mailing address:

CEA <-------- don't forget this part!!!
Courtney O'Sullivan
Gorazdova 9
Praha 2
120 00
Czech Republic

Or if you would rather have the APO address to the embassy, holler.

Hopefully I'll be getting a phone tomorrow with free incoming calls.. if so, let me know if you want the number and I'll message it to you! I'm off to bed!

Adios my friends.

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Glad you got there safe and sound and met some nice people. Remember those Europeans can be very rude but be glad its only temporary. Study hard and see the sights. Get you moneys worth while you can. We miss and love you very much. Will try to keep you updated on activity here. Try to watch the news because a lot is going on here politically. Keep in touch. Love ya mema & papa

by MeMa & Papa

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