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A cidade das sete colinas capturou meu coração.

Lisboa, Portugal

sunny 85 °F

Saying that landing a job with US Airways is a blessing can not be any more of an understatement. I'm failing miserably at this blogging shindig because I have been so fortunate to visit so many amazing places and haven't gotten on here to share the shenanigans with ya'll. My first big trip was back in June when I visited my lovely Australian friend Erica in Paris (If you recall a few entries back, I met her in Munich while I was studying abroad in Prague). It was a quick, two day trip, but it was absolutely worth it. Paris is a fabulous city.. good thing I have several people who are demanding I take them there, so another visit is definitely a go!


Later, I made my way to Baltimore..


and St. Thomas..


and Washington, D.C...


So then of course, as with all great things, the constant travel had to come to a screeching halt for a while. Back to the ol' standard school and sorority and yada yada yada. Things that I love but.. I just don't fit into. I spent two months studying for the LSAT and it literally consumed my life. Once it was finally over, I needed a break. I needed to go somewhere, anywhere, just to get out of Wilmington. So where to go?! Everyone asked why I would want to go to Portugal.. you don't really hear a lot of touristy things there. The most I really knew before I went was that it bordered Spain. I soon realized.. this is why..


Lisbon is beautiful. Full of beautiful sites and food and MEN. Haha. I traveled by myself.. didn't know anyone there.. just had the bookbag on my back and a bus ticket to the hostel. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. I met some amazing people on my journey and it was so difficult for me to come back to my reality. I left on Thursday evening and arrived Friday morning, obviously lacking sufficient sleep but naturally just as gungho as if I'd had. Once I arrived at the Oasis Backpackers Hostel Lisboa, I dropped my bag off and headed straight out to do the tourist thing. I did a walking tour with an American girl named Kira, Alex from Cologne, Saloua from Paris, Marco from Brazil, alongside our tour guide Uwe from Austria.


I must be more of a loner than I'd take myself for. In the two days I spent in Lisbon, I did the entire tourist portion on my own. Its almost questionable, my whole social skills thing, being able to just pick up and go off on my own. Honestly, its almost difficult to be among others, because I don't think I'd give well to the non-flexibility. My travel time is my selfish time.. I love the 'on the whim', I love the 'get up and go'. I was able to see two UNESCO sites, Belem and Jeronimos Monastery. Both are seemingly unfamiliar beyond the Lisbon tourists, which aren't very plentiful in itself. I see Lisbon as a diamond in the rough, a city not given its deserving beauty credentials.

Jeronimos Monastery

Belem Tower

Naturally, I had my fair share of a good times as well.. I actually fell in love three times ;] Being the obvious American girl that I am, the dudes in the bottom picture are making strange faces because they are saying "duuuude" because apparently I say 'dude' all the time.. dude, really?!


Obviously I did not get a chance to write this blog immediately after I made my trip, otherwise I would have gone more into detail of my minute by minute shenanigans. But trust me.. this is only the beginning.


Stay tuned!

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